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Important21 July 2022 11:27

"SHOR" Party: PAS government started a new episode of political feud

“SHOR” Party: „The PAS government has started a new episode of political feud with the “SHOR” Party. As announced by the leader of the party, Ilan Shor, today prosecutors and NAC officers raided the party’s offices in Chisinau and in the country and are ready to bring new unfounded and absurd accusations against us.  

After the representatives of the “SHOR” Party announced last week that they will not submit to blackmail from the authorities and will not stop defending the interests of the people, the Presidency gave the indication to search the party’s headquarters and to open criminal cases against the members and leadership of the “SHOR” Party.

What is happening today is an abuse, an attempt to silence us, to stop us protesting and to make us give in to their pressure. They seek to get rid of us, because we are their direct political opponents. All you see today is a banal political feud. Nothing new. The same strategies, the same nastiness – just as PAS has accustomed us to since coming to power. At the behest of PAS and Maia Sandu, the prosecutors are probably looking for the needle in the haystack, and because they will find nothing, they will pull out the “yellow repressive needles” from the Prosecutor’s Office, ISS and NAC and try to sew new criminal cases.

PAS is afraid of protests, and because it knows that only the “SHOR” Party can gather tens of thousands of people in the streets, it tries to prevent us from doing so. Today, at this moment, all the structures of the ISS, the NAC, the Prosecutor’s Office – are responding to a political order and playing into the hands of the power. We call on international organisations, diplomatic missions accredited in Chisinau, embassies, to pay close attention to what is happening and to monitor how the institutions of power act. It is unimaginable that in a state governed by the rule of law such things should happen.

The power is in agony, especially after seeing the results of recent surveys, which show that they have lost half their electorate. They see PAS falling in the surveys and the “SHOR” Party rising. And this is driving them crazy. This is what independent justice looks like in our country and the good times promised by PAS. All these facts will not go unpunished, and the recent history of the Republic of Moldova shows that all those who started political files on command ended up in jail.

They wanted to outlaw the “SHOR” Party and they understood that it was impossible to do that and they started pressuring people and scaring them with files. They think that if they can’t destroy the party from the outside, they will succeed from the inside. But they won’t succeed.

The “SHOR” Party will not give up the fight and we will not be silent.  Your proposal to cease the protests and to stop criticizing you is once again rejected. We are not afraid of you and we will defeat you.”


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