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Important14 July 2022 16:49

Shor: Our citizens are forced to pay astronomical sums for gas. This is a crime

The leader of the “SHOR” Party, Ilan Shor, believes that the government representatives who signed the prejudicial contract for the purchase of natural gas should go to jail. His reaction comes after Moldovagaz requested a new tariff increase of up to 30 lei, and ANRE decided to raise it to 22.26 lei per cubic metre.

„This is a crime against their own people and all those who signed this prejudicing contract will be held accountable and go to jail. But that will be later. Today, however, our citizens are forced to pay astronomical sums for gas. The world is running out of money, and the government is not bothering to think about what to do to make up the bills and help people in this complicated situation”, said Ilan Shor.

According to him, the current government is leading the country into the abyss, so it must be thrown out of power.

„They are leading us into famine, cold and war. The people are not to blame, not even those who voted for PAS. They have simply been lied to. In this situation, there is only one solution – to fight. These jerks will never have the courage to leave voluntarily, to leave room for normal and proper people, who will do what is important for citizens, who will renegotiate this contract, who will think about the people. But no, they won’t do that, which is why we must unite against them”, stated Ilan Shor.


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