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Important27 June 2022 10:00

Natalia Gavrilița: Folk music, dress, crafts and culinary traditions are our connection with the past, history and ancestors

Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Natalia Gavrilița participated in the 25th edition of the national folklore festival-competition “La Nistru la Mărgioară”.

Resumed after a break of two years, this time the competition was distinguished by a parade of Laureates from previous editions, bringing together on the stage from the village of Gura Bâcului 30 artistic groups from the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

The event, co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, contributes to the popularization of traditions, to the discovery of young talents, to the support of creative activities and, most importantly, promotes the authentic values ​​of cultural heritage. Present at the event, the Prime Minister mentioned that the Festival has become a true cultural ambassador, having a major role in promoting the tourism potential of our country and in strengthening relations between states.

“Folk music, dress, crafts and culinary traditions are our connection with the past, history and ancestors, so they have a special symbolism. Basically, the beautiful embroideries on the garments we wear are nothing but a mysterious text written by previous generations, and each cross and stitch carries a thought, an experience, a story. When we gather to honor these traditions, in fact we transfer to an absolutely special time frame, we connect with eternity “, Gavrilița said.

The program of the festival included the folk costume parade, folklore show with orchestras of folk music and dance, the fair of folk crafts “Art and Tradition”, the preparation of national dishes and creative workshops for children.


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