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Important27 March 2021 08:00

What should be taken into account by the Presidency and PAS when they make their political decisions - the opinion of a political analyst

The political analyst, Dionis Cenușă stated that the political crisis does not stop, but diversifies, informs Tribuna.

“We have a majority in Parliament, that does not want early elections, but a new government and vaccination, with anticipated elections. There are two other parties – the DA and PDM platforms – who still do not want immediate anticipation and would support a genuine anti-crisis government. Only one party – PAS – is ready to assume its expectations as soon as possible “, the analyst wrote on Facebook.

He also mentioned that the declaration adopted yesterday by 54 deputies has no greater legal power than a presidential decree. But this declaration has political power and is adopted to signal to the Constitutional Court, but also to the international community that Parliament is still able to vote for new governments.

“There are various criticisms related to the integrity of those in the new majority, and the lifting of the immunity of those from Șor (Jardan and Ulanov) clearly indicates this. At the same time, this majority manages to stay afloat, according to surveys, due to the urgent priorities of citizens related to the pandemic (and less corruption). This must be taken into account by those from the Presidency and PAS, when making their political decisions “, said Cenușă.

Finally, he said: “We see what the Constitutional Court says, because those in Maia Sandu’s entourage, including the friendly press, keep her conviction that all the steps taken fully correspond to the political and constitutional logic. Either the Court agrees with Sandu or tells him to negotiate once again with the parliamentary fractions and to accept the candidacy of Golovatiuc or someone else ”.

Cristina Jicol
Emandei Nina – trainee translator

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