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Breaking news24 March 2020 09:45

Exceptional state should be declared in the economy, PPPDA

The Government should declare an exceptional state in the economy and should urgently work out a package of measures to prevent the private sector from reaching a general state of insolvency, massive layoffs and dramatic bankruptcies, suggested the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform (PPPDA), which called on the executive to responsibly ask for assistance amid the crisis situation from the international partners, IPN reports.

“We consider that the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova is obliged to urgently adopt significant rectifications to the 2020 state budget law, cancelling less important costs, but financing only the basic needs in the public sector, such as the payment of salaries and pensions, and authorizing instead sufficient budget resources for increasing the pays of medical personnel, for implementing policies to compensate the citizens and businesses for the sustained losses,” says a statement signed by the PPPDA.

The party noted the situation in the economic sector is difficult. The unlimited imposition of restrictions in connection with the state of emergency blocked the largest part of private companies and enterprises, suspending the labor and production processes, and generated huge losses. This situation will lead to lower salaries, delays in paying interest rates on loans and massive discharges for indefinite periods of time, exerting huge pressure on the state budget and the population’s payment capacity.

The PPPDA requests the Government to defer the payments or extend the deadline for paying VAT, income tax, social and health insurance contributions to the state budget without imposing delay penalties, to exempt the businesses from some of the taxes and compensate the salary payments for sacked employees during the economic recession, to create special funds for supporting the SMEs and to relax the bank lending policies by reducing interest rates.

“Some other support measures for the private sector are also needed, such as the provision of loans directly by the Government to business entities with a zero interest rate. In these moments of major risk to the public health in the Republic of Moldova, it is important to take determined and correct decisions to support small and medium-sized enterprises, to strengthen the foreign and local investors’ confidence, to assist the banks and farmers through support funds and loan guarantees, not only by sterile encouragements,” runs the statement.



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