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Important24 March 2020 14:45

Pensions, social contributions to be paid promptly

The National Social Insurance House will transfer pensions and social contributions to the bank cards of retirees.

The Commission for Emergencies ordered the banking institutions to present to the National Social Insurance House the information on the pensioners who are in possession of bank cards, in order to be transferred the pensions and social contributions.

According to the decision, the National Social Insurance House will ensure from 1 April 2020  the transfer of social benefits: benefits for family with children, maternity allowances, paternal allowances, allowances for temporary disability – to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

At the same time, as decided by the Commission for Emergencies, the Post Office of Moldova will ensure from 1 April 2020 the distribution at home, with an employee of the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, pensions, state social allowances and other social benefits.

The payment through the post offices of the social payments, regardless of the residence / domicile visa, will continue with a fluid regime of access of people and respecting the social distance.

In order to make the payment of pensions and social contributions promptly, the Commission for Emergencies has ordered that the lists of beneficiaries of all types of social payments be sent by the CNAS to the banking institutions, in the first payment days of the current month.

The commission decided yesterday that in order to prevent COVID 19 infection, elderly people are prohibited from leaving their homes.



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