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Breaking news1 March 2020 12:30

Protesters in central Chisinau seek resignation of Government and snap elections

The people who took part in a protest mounted in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau on March 1 demanded that the Government should resign and that snap parliamentary elections should be held. In a resolution adopted by the protesters, these state their concern about the fact that Igor Dodon and his pocket party, the Party of Socialists, obtained a series of key posts in the state and, as a result, a political, social and even moral crisis persists today, IPN reports.

The protesters also asked that Igor Dodon should vacate office of President. “We weekly witness the shameful and humiliating working meetings of the country’s President, the Parliament Speaker and the Prime Minister. “Are these somehow different from the notorious meetings of the Soviet political bureaus? He dares to raise his vote at the ambassadors of the EU that offers us permanent support. He defies our national values, shows disrespect for our dignity and Independence that was defended by our combatants with so many sacrifices in the terrible events of 1992, in the war with the Russian Federation,” reads the statement.

The members of the protest coordinating group said the movement launched in the event aims to unite civil society so as to supervise the political process in the country. The movement is not political and will not turn into a political party.

Ex-MP and one of the signatories of the declaration of independence Andrei Bashtovoi said an unordinary thing that is even more horrible than that witnessed at the time of Vladimir Plahotniuc has been seen the past few weeks: “the people are humiliated even if they defended dignity in 1992. We can no longer tolerate this Government that serves one man who does not think about the people. That’s why this Government should leave and we will insistently demand this. Initially, we put our trust in this Parliament that formed the Government, but we now see that it was reorganized and no longer satisfies people’s wishes. That’s why this Parliament should be dissolved and snap parliamentary elections should be held,” stated Andrei Bashtovoi.

Another member of the initiative group Valentin Eşanu, businessman, said all the people face the same problems generated by the criminal regime of Dodon. “We see that the state can no longer defend the interests of the people. The state was captured. The people come together and today it is a start. We should not give up. I didn’t kneel down at the time of Plahotniuc and will not do this at the time of Dodon either,” stated the activist.

Student Ion Eșanu, a resident doctor, said that since 2009 the people have been told that they will live better, but the situation worsens annually. “I want to call on the young people – forget about the political color, ethnic origin as we are a nation. We must be united and drive them out of the country,” he noted.

Also, the participants in the event demanded that the members of the Audiovisual Council should resign and urged to consolidate a real civil society that would ensure efficient control over the activity of the state bodies – the Government, Parliament, public TV channel, law enforcement agencies, etc.



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