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Breaking news18 February 2020 12:15

PPPDA seeks convocation of commission of inquiry into anti-constitutional putsch attempt

MP of the DA Platform Dinu Plângău, who is a member of the commission of inquiry into the anti-constitutional putsch attempt whose mandate expired, asks the MPs who formed part of the commission to come together and identify solutions to present the report and the findings of the investigations in Parliament. In a news conference, the MP said the adoption of a decision based on the report can have legal consequences for those involved in the attempt to usurp the state power in June 2019, IPN reports.

The MP said the commission questioned representatives of the Constitutional Court and identified procedural violations in the adoption of documents between June 7-14, 2019 and political and foreign interference. The commission learned that particular persons acted as intermediaries between the judges of the Court and the former Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc. Among these was Plahotniuc’s relative Dorin Damir. None of the CC judges came to the hearings staged by the commission.

The commission also questioned employees of the Ministry of the Interior and found out that during the protests mounted in front of a number of state institutions, the tents of the General Inspectorate for Emergencies were given to protesters through the General Police Inspectorate, at the request of the then chief of the Inspectorate Alexandru Pânzari and by the verbal order of ex-minister of the interior Alexandru Jizdan. It was established that the protests were organized by the PDM and the Shor Party and most of the protesters were remunerated. Also, Alexandru Pânzari allegedly ordered that employees of the Ministry of the Interior should not allow the MPs to enter the state institutions surrounded by protesters.

At the end of last April, the commission was ready to present its report, but its chairman Vladimir Ţurcanu was chosen judge of the Constitutional Court and the commission stopped work. PAS MP Mihai Popșoi was then elected chairman and attempts were made to systemize the collected information, but some of the members of the commission didn’t want the investigations to be completed, stated Dinu Plângău. A political crisis generated by the replacement of the government followed and Mihai Popșoi resigned. Parliament didn’t name a new chairperson and didn’t extend the mandate of the commission.

The MP noted that the whole society is still waiting for answers and actions as a result of which those to blame for the usurpation of state power in Moldova would be brought to justice by an exercise of political will.

The commission of inquiry was set up by Parliament on June 18 after the state institutions had been blocked for a week, during June 7-14, following the formation of a parliamentary majority and the Sandu Government by the PSRM and ACUM. The Constitutional Court ruled the Parliament’s actions to form the new parliamentary majority were illegal and two governments, one led by Maia Sandu and the other one led by Pavel Filip, worked in parallel. On June 14, the PDM announced it decided to withdraw from power. Later, the Constitutional Court annulled the decisions it took in the period.



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