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Breaking news18 February 2020 14:15

PSRM Declaration: On a balanced foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova in the interests of citizens

The Declaration in particular says: “The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, as the highest representative body of the people and the only legislative power, in accordance with Article 60 of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, advocates the need for our state to promote a balanced foreign policy in the interests of citizens.

We, the deputies of the 10th parliament, state that for almost three decades, our country has been constantly divided between geopolitical visions. Very often, politicians speculated on the foreign policy vector for electoral purposes and to the detriment of their own citizens. Separation and struggle according to geopolitical criteria often reflected on the internal political climate and the social peace in the Republic of Moldova, which slowed down the development of the country.

Aware of the danger and inefficiency of the geopolitical struggle, in the summer of 2019, the parliamentary majority decided to abandon this stratification and promote a balanced foreign policy. This approach benefits every citizen, unites us all around one goal – to live in peace and harmony, to cooperate with all international partners in the interests of the development and modernization of our country.

The time has come when all parties must recognize the political mistakes of the past, which led to the division of the country, the time has come when all politicians, regardless of their right or left convictions, must join forces to ensure a balanced foreign policy for the Republic of Moldova, through which the Moldovan citizens will feel protected, being inside the country or abroad.

We invite all parliamentary parties to approve this declaration on the strategic direction of international cooperation, based on the interests of all citizens of the country. In this regard, we note that there is already a consensus between all parliamentary parties regarding the fact that the vector of Moldova should be aimed at building a democratic state that shares European values.

Modern and European values should become a national strategic project, based on the interests of each citizen, and not the political interests of parties. At the same time, Moldova’s European affiliation should not mean imposing false geopolitical barriers, by which international cooperation will be limited to a narrow circle of partners, depending on the short-term interests of some parties. We mean cooperation with all international partners who want to help our country.

The President of the country, Igor Dodon, spoke about the need for a balanced foreign policy by the Republic of Moldova, from the UN main rostrum in September last year and in January 2020 at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The Head of State outlined the need for the entire political class to draw conclusions and not divide our citizens into pro-Europeans, pro-Russians, pro-Americans, pro-Romanians, etc. Political parties can only be Moldovan, work for the citizens who voted for them, and represent the interests of each of them in relations with all international partners.



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