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Important22 January 2020 10:45

Alexandru Jizdan says who PDM’s candidate in Hâncești constituency is

The secretary general of the Democratic Party (PDM) Alexandru Jizdan said that Ion Mereuță, former head of the Hâncești local office of the State Chancellery, is the party’s candidate for MP in the new parliamentary elections that will be held in single-member constituency Hâncești on March 15. In a program on N4 Tv channel, Jizdan said Mereuță is from Hâncești and has good chances of winning, IPN reports.

The PDM’s secretary general also said that they will definitely have a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. “The people will not understand us if the PDM, which is the second party with the highest number of seats in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and which ranked first in the local elections, will not have a candidate for President,” stated Jizdan.

According to him, the PDM does not want snap parliamentary elections because snap elections mean political instability in the country and many events that turn into negative phenomena, including crimes and economic difficulties, happen amid such instability.

Alexandru Jizdan noted the PDM is close to finishing the reform process. A reform conception is being worked out and will be made public. “We do not refer to appointments, people here. We speak about the principles according to which the PDM will work, starting with the method of adopting decisions as the process was earlier too centralized and the power to decide belonged to a group of people. Now the decisions in the party will be taken in a different way. Much more people will be involved, including from districts,” stated the ex-minister of the interior.

He said that there are tensions inside the party because the party’s members have differing views about the political developments. It is not true that the current leader of the PDM could be replaced as Pavel Filip enjoys the greatest support inside the party.

The Democratic politician considers the current position of the party is dangerous. “Are we in power? We do not think so. We weren’t offered posts in this state. Are we in the opposition? It’s hard to say as we do not really assert ourselves, but we are in opposition,” explained Alexandru Jizdan.



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