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Breaking news20 October 2019 11:10

Moldovan SP votes for comfortable Chisinau municipality

Speaker of Parliament, Zinaida Greceanii, has said that she voted, on Sunday, 20 October, for the Moldovan capital to be run by a mayor – manager who knows about the problems of Chisinau municipality.

The SP has showed convinced that the mayor of Chisinau will be elected from Ist round.

“I voted for a general mayor of Chisinau who will be elected from the first round and who will be a true manager, who will take care of the entire population and who knows very well all the problems of the capital. We expect to have a manager who will not use the mayoralty and the post of mayor as a springboard to move forward in politics. We are waiting for a mayor who will take care of being comfortable in Chisinau municipality. I think this is what every citizen of the municipality wants,” said Greceanii.

The general local elections (ALG) are taking place in Moldova, today. By 12:00, there voted over 16 per cent of voters.



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