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Breaking news20 October 2019 10:50

Igor Dodon: “I voted for a professional mayor. The city is tired of demagogy! ”

President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon gave his vote for the professional mayor. The Head of State noted that Chisinau needed a professional, the city is tired of demagogy!

“We need a professional mayor. The city needs people who know what to do. I’m sure that maybe even today, in Chisinau, there will be a change for the better! I believe that the time has come to abandon demagogy. We need a professional at the head of the capital of our country, we do not need a politician. And it is desirable that the future mayor, at least for a mandate of four years, no longer deal with politics,” said the Moldovan leader.

The Head of State also called on candidates, regardless of the election results, to continue to cooperate in the interests of the country.

“Regardless of who wins, the candidates should shake hands, and then continue to work together in the interests of citizens,” said Igor Dodon.



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