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Breaking news20 October 2019 13:30

At 13:00, rate of participation in vote exceeds 20 per cent in Moldova

By 13:00, there cast their vote over 20 per cent of the citizens expected to vote at the ballot box, on Sunday, 20 October. The voting process runs according to the established procedures, without significant incidents. The info was presented by the head of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Dorin Cimil.

“If we were to compare with the similar ballot in 2015, about 28 per cent of voters had voted by this time,” said Dorin Cimil.

According to the head of CEC, today in Chisinau, up to 13:00, over 14 per cent of the voters voted.

Regarding the new parliamentary elections held today in 04 uninominal constituencies, Dorin Cimil stated that in constituency №17, until 13:00, 12,000 voters voted, and in constituency №33 – about 9,000 voters. Also, in 25 polling stations opened in constituency №48 expressed their vote over 600 persons, and abroad, in constituency №50 – 2,300 people. The head of CEC said that the formation of queues was not reported in sections abroad.

The general local elections (ALG) are taking place in Moldova, today. Following the elections, it will be elected 898 mayors and 11,580 councilors. The recent ALG was held on 14 June 2015. Also today, the citizens from 04 uninominal constituencies elect their representatives in the Parliament. The parliamentary seats were left vacant after 02 MPs elected following the 24 February polls resigned, and 02 others resigned because of incompatibility of functions.



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