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Breaking news29 July 2019 11:45

Moldovan PM requests resignation of leadership of national institute of justice

Prime Minister, Maia Sandu, has resigned the leadership of the National Institute of Justice (INJ), on Monday, 29 July. Also, the official has opted to increase the number of persons to be trained for profession of judge and prosecutor.

According to PM, the INJ was formed in 2006, but “unfortunately, if we analise the catastrophic situation in justice sector, the institution has not achieved its purpose, since both the initial training of prosecutors and judges and their continuous training are under any standards”.

Maia Sandu has said that over time, this institution has hired persons with integrity issues. Similarly, there is info about certain bribery practices both on admission in the institution and on graduation, said Maia Sandu.

Moreover, according to Premier, the institute does not provide justice with a sufficient number of well trained and integrating professionals. Thus, for the academic period October 2019 – April 2021, there have been planned only 20 places for judges and 20 ones for prosecutors.

“The existing prosecutors are not going to do their job. It is clear that neither in the prosecutor’s office nor in judiciary, there is a critical mass of persons which want to clean up the system. It is clear that we need new judges and prosecutors. We need hundreds of new judges and prosecutors. It is insufficient that only 20 prosecutors and 20 judges a year come in the system in the context in which the system does not want to reform, and we must replace it completely,” said PM.

Under these circumstances, Maia Sandu has asked the Ministry of Justice (MJ) and Ministry of Finance (MF) to identify legal solutions to increase by two or even three times the number of persons to be trained for profession of judge and prosecutor right since 2019.

At the same time, the PM has opted to review the training programmes of INJ. “We shall have to take care on who are the ones who teach at the Institute. The trainees can not be admitted as trainers. We are aware that INJ can not train overnight a large number of new integrating judges and prosecutors and that through these measures the problems in the system will not solve immediately tomorrow but we are forced to start today so that in a few years we shall have a correct justice,” specified Maia Sandu.

At the beginning of July, Maia Sandu came up with a message for prosecutors, urging them to be independent, implement the law, and start working only in the interest of citizens and state.



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