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Breaking news8 July 2019 09:50

Moldovan PM applies for resignation as MP

Prime Minister, Maia Sandu, which is also a MP, on Monday, 08 July, has asked for resignation from parliamentary position.

According to PM, the parliament will have, for a few months, less than 101 MPs, as stipulates Constitution.

“When it imposed mixed system, the Democrats’ party (PDM) thought only one thing – how to maintain power against the desire of citizens. For them, it did not matter that in four years of mandate of Parliament, there will be permanent elections in constituencies, it did not matter that these elections will cost the budget tens of millions of lei (only for constituency of the European Diaspora it will have to be allocated several million lei) did not matter that the Diaspora will be under – represented,” wrote Maia Sandu on her official social networking site.

After resignation of Maia Sandu, in there are to be held elections in constituency №50.

And Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrei Nastase, which was elected a MP following the 24 February vote, will have to submit his resignation as MP. In the same situation is the Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Liliana Nicolaescu – Onofrei.



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