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Breaking news29 July 2019 08:45

New parliamentary elections to be held in three constituencies

New parliamentary elections will take place in three constituencies on October 20, simultaneously with the local general elections.

Parliamentary polls will be held in single-member electoral constituencies No. 33 of Chisinau municipality, No. 48 that includes Slobozia, Tiraspol and Bender towns and No. 50 that covers the area westwards Moldova.

The Central Election Commission agreed the date of elections in its July 29 meeting, IPN reports.

The seats of MP became vacant after Parliament accepted the resignations tendered by three MPs elected in the given constituencies on February 24, 2019. These are Andrei Năstase, Viorel Melnic and Maia Sandu.

The CEC invites the voters of these constituencies to complete the beforehand registration form online, in the Early Registration section on www.alegator.md.

The voters can register beforehand throughout the year except for the last 45 days before the election day. September 4 is the last beforehand registration day for the October 20 new parliamentary elections. Within a period of 25 days before the election day, the voters can cancel the registration made earlier.

The registration beforehand will help estimate the number of electors who intend to vote and to determine the necessary number of polling stations and the approximate number of ballots that will be distributed to the given polling stations.



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