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Breaking news11 July 2019 12:15

PG Eduard Harunjen resigns

Eduard Harunjen has tendered his resignation as Prosecutor General, citing health reasons.

“Considering the imperative need to ensure the proper functioning of the Prosecution system in the interest of the people of Moldova, the new leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office must be appointed in the shortest time possible and in strict compliance with the law”, President Igor Dodon posted to Facebook after signing the decree that formally accepted Harunjen’s resignation.

According to Dodon, Harunjen’s successor should be “honest and capable of restoring the good reputation of the institution”, among other criteria.

On Tuesday, Parliament passed a motion finding that Harunjen had been ineligible to become Prosecutor General. The President’s Office followed up by saying a decree to dismiss Harunjen would be signed “as soon as all legal conditions” were met.

Eduard Harunjen was appointed PG on 8 December 2016 by the outgoing President Nicolae Timofti, much to the dismay of the then president-elect Igor Dodon.



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