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Breaking news10 June 2019 12:20

Sandu Government holds first meeting

The Government led by Maia Sandu held its first meeting in the Parliament Building on June 10. The Cabinet decided to dismiss the heads of the General Police Inspectorate and the National Health Insurance Company, IPN reports.

The meeting involved seven of the 12 members of the Cabinet and Prime Minister Maia Sandu specified that three of the new ministers are expected to return from abroad. At the start of the meeting, she noted the discussions with the PSRM didn’t center on Moldova’s federalization and she will send letters to the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the Venice Commission to familiarize these institutions with the Government’s position on the last Constitutional Court judgments that she considers arbitrary.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Andrei Năstase suggested dismissing Alexandru Pînzari from the post of chief of the General Police Inspectorate and proposed Gheorghe Bălan for the post. “Gheorghe Bălan is known as a representative of the judiciary who had a correct attitude based on the law and common sense,” stated Andrei Năstase. The proposals was adopted by a unanimous vote.

Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Ala Nemerenco proposed discharging Tamara Andrușca from the post of director general of the National Health Insurance Company given the inefficient and non-transparent spending of public funds at this Company. The proposal was accepted by the seven attending ministers.

When making statements for the press after the meeting, Maia Sandu said the functionaries who were dismissed today should vacate their seats or they will be held accountable. If the external pressure exerted on those who obstruct the Government’s work is not enough, the people will be called to protests.

For his part, Andrei Năstase told the press that he contacted Minister Alexandru Jizadn this morning and requested him to come to the Parliament Building so that they could agree the power transfer procedures. He received no answer and will thus try to further communicate with Alexandru Jizdan so as to agree the hour at which the transfer to the new minister can take place.



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