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Important1 February 2019 07:00

The answer of an independent candidate to the comment „One vote will not decide anything in Parliament”

The independent candidate for the post of deputy in the constituency no.51 USA and Canada in the parliamentary elections on 24 February, Alexandrin Patron claims that since he launched in the campaign, he received several comments like “a single vote will not decide anything in Parliament”.

As TRIBUNA informs, in context, Alexandrin Patron said that in 2009, the Communists needed just one vote to elect the President of the Republic of Moldova and maintain another 4 years the power.

“One vote decides a lot. 85% of former deputies did nothing remarkable over the years, rather than lifting their hands to the command of the interest groups. I’m not going to be the typical deputy who raises his hand only if he’s told. I will work on relevant public politics for the country and the diaspora. The involvement and permanent consultation of our citizens in North America will form the basis of my parliamentary work, “wrote Patron on a social networking site.

Andriana Cheptine

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu


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