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Breaking news27 June 2018 11:56

National Resistance Committee stages protest in central Chisinau July 1

The National Resistance Committee of the people’s movement that is open to all those who are ready to put up resistance to dictatorship organizes a large-scale protest in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau on July 1.

“We announce the creation of a national resistance movement and want to call on all the honest people who believe in democracy to join this resistance movement,” the leader of the Party “Action and Solidarity” (PAS) Maia Sandu stated in a news conference at IPN. “Evidently, the situation through which we go now is very difficult and we must get ready for hard times and must become involved in a struggle that will last. We must be aware of this and be as many as possible. Our call is addressed to all the citizens: those who voted in Chisinau and those who voted for Andrei Nastase and those who didn’t vote, but consider that the citizens’ vote is important,” stated the politician.

The PAS leader noted that protests against dictatorship will be mounted weekly. At 2pm on June 29, a protest will be staged in front of the building of the Central Election Commission that will hold a meeting to take notice of the election invalidation decision. “After the abusive decision to uphold the invalidation of elections in Chisinau taken by the Supreme Court of Justice, we formulated the following demands addressed to the authorities: validation of the elections in Chisinau; annulment of the mixed electoral system; dismissal and prosecution of the Supreme Court of Justice president and the other judges responsible for the abusive election nullification decisions: Luiza Gafton, Victor Burduh, Vlad Clima, Ecaterina Palanciuc, Ala Malyi, Valentin Lastavetski, Rodica Berdilo. As the struggle against dictatorship will not be easy or short, we call on all the honest people to join the citizens’ resistance movement now,” stated Maia Sandu.

Andrei Nastase, the leader of the Party “Platform Dignity and Truth”, said the people are urged to join the resistance movement because what the judiciary that is fully controlled by the mafia did was an attack on what the Republic of Moldova means, on its sovereignty and independence. The usurpation of the power in the state is actually the most series offense against the Moldovan people.

“Our call is to make this move as swiftly as possible all over the country so that we come together in a large number in the Great National Assembly Square this Sunday, at 2pm.  We should all realize that the subsequent attitude of the police officers, who are brought there to defend the oligarchic government, depends on the number of those who will be  present there. It depends on us if we see in Chisinau developments similar to those witnessed in other civilized countries,” stated Andrei Nastase.

Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Viorel Cibotaru said those demands put forward by the initiative group of the  resistance moment is a necessary minimum. “Today we should speak about a revolution of morality in the Republic of Moldova because this exists and we will promote it and we ask you to support these demands,” he said.

Liberal MP Lilian Carp said after almost 30 years of the national renaissance and 27 years of the declaration of independence, Moldova is now in the most difficult political situation ever. What those who initiated the national renaissance movement of the end of the 1980s fought for – freedom, the right to vote and the right to live freely – is compromised. “The only solution is to mobilize to re-form this state and give it a new chance,” he noted.

Historian Octavian Ticu said that alongside other representatives of civil society, he offers assistance to this platform in politically transforming Moldova. “Since the Supreme Court of Justice invalidated our vote, it is no longer about the PAS, the Platform or Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase. It is an option to be on the side of democracy or on the side of dictatorship. It is up to each citizen to decide,” stated Octavian Ticu.

“I came here to support this protest because I’m a member of civil society, because it’s painful for me to see how this country is governed as what is going on in this country is no longer acceptable. It has been unacceptable for a period, but now the people are desperate. We can no longer endure. That’s why let’s come together for a protest on Sunday,” said Arcadie Barbarosie, executive director of the Institute for Public Policy.

Director of the Institute for Development and Social Initiative “Viitorul” Igor Munteanu noted he decided to subscribe to this important call for society because, if we don’t do it, everyone will realize that we accept and tolerate what’s going on. But great injustice was done. The elections are the main pillar of representative democracy. Without elections and without the recognition of a perfectly valid election, there is no state and no legitimacy.

After the Chisinau City Court on June 19 decided to not validate the election of Andrei Nastase as mayor, the Appeals Court upheld this decision one day later. Under the argued judgment of the ordinary court, both Andrei Nastase and Ion Ceban campaigned on the election day, which is inadmissible according to the Election Code. Both of the candidates, through the agency of live streams on social networking sites, called on the electorate to vote. Even if these didn’t say who namely the people should vote for, the court decided that these actions had a significant impact on the voters’ option.



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