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Important18 November 2016 09:14

Nicolae Timofti: I leave with a feeling of serenity in my soul

“I leave with a feeling of serenity in my soul. I always acted with determination in the interests of the people and served the interests of the people, not of parties or dogmas,” President Nicolae Timofti said in a meeting with members of the diplomatic corps working in Moldova. At the end of his term, the Head of State spoke about the challenges and accomplishments, appreciating the support provided by the foreign partners in the European integration process, thanking in this connection the ambassadors who contributed to strengthening the dialogue and bilateral relations, IPN reports, quoting the presidential press service.

Nicolae Timofti admitted that after 35 years of service in the justice sector, he convinced himself that there is one more as complex or even more complex sector – politics. “I never thought that I will end my career not passing judgments, but promulgating laws and nominating Prime Ministers. Four years and eight months ago, in a solemn and very emotional atmosphere for me, with the hand on the country’s Constitution and before Parliament and the Constitutional Court, I swore to devote all my power and skillfulness to ensuring Moldova’s prosperity and defending democracy, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova. I thus became the first President without party and without political doctrine. But I had a more powerful trump card – I made a political doctrine of the Constitution. I think that owing to this, I can consider myself a correct President,” he stated.

Nicolae Timofti said he took up in a period when the constitutional crisis of over two years was brought to an end. But things didn’t clam down immediately and, during four years, he nominated eight Prime Ministers. His tenure was also marked by the most efficient, most opportune and correct political decision – the signing of the Moldova – EU Association Agreement and liberalization of the visa regime for Moldovans.

The President referred also to the state security, which is one of the fundamental prerogatives of the Head of State. In this connection, Nicolae Timofti said Moldova’s neutrality remains a non-functional article as long as Russian troops are present on the left side of the Nistru, contrary to our wish and in breach of the international commitments. Also, the security of the state, alongside the credibility of the law enforcement agencies, was affected dramatically by the mega banking fraud.

“I cannot omit this shameful page, no matter how embarrassing it is for a President. It occurred under my term in office, even if the Supreme Secrecy Council, under the aegis of the Head of State, in the summer of 2012 and later, warned the administration of the National Bank, the Government, the Prosecutor’s Office and in private about the real state of affairs in the banking system and recommended having an external audit. The Council’s decisions are not yet mandatory in character. Thus, the competent institutions didn’t react to our recommendations, while the crisis deepened,” explained Nicolae Timofti.

He said he spoke with pride and hope about the Romanian language, even there where they consider that the official language is Moldovan, and was guided in his work by independence, national identity and love for the country.

“Any start has an end. In the near future, I will hand over my duties to the President-elect,” said Nicolae Timofti, noting his term in office expired, while his mission of citizen continues and he will remain a pro-European citizen confident that what was started will be brought to an end and hopeful that his successor will endure the property of the country and the people, authentic democracy and evolution, not involution.



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