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News23 January 2023 11:38

The management of Trans-Oil is committed to a full and transparent cooperation with any institutions of Republic of Moldova

In light of the recent media reports about incidents of fire at the Danube Oil Company SRL, a private company located on the territory of the Giurgiulesti International Free Port (GIFP), its parent company the Tans-Oil Group would like to share the facts about these events:

„The most important fact to note is that the fire was 100 percent contained in the storage silos of a privately owned facility and did not cause any human injury or death. These silos are not part of the production chain of the company’s processing plant and hence the 110 employees working at the factory were at no point were affected by or in any danger. Additionally, the incident never impacted the railroad traffic at the port nor did it cause any environmental or other damage to anything beyond the storage facilities. Any financial loss resulting from this incident affected only this private sector company and caused no damage to any state owned or other properties.

In order to address any speculations about the cause of these incidents, the management of this private company wants to be transparent and open with the people of the Republic of Moldova. The management of Trans-Oil, the parent company of the the Danube Oil Company, swiftly conducted an internal review and verification process and determined that some of the design deviations implemented by the management of the the facility combined with possible inadvertent human error might have resulted in a chain of events causing the temperature to rise within the silos and sparking a fire. Very special thanks must go to the specialists of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for their quick and professional action to suppress the fire quickly.

In order to make absolutely certain that any possible issues in the design or installation of these silos can never cause a similar incident again, the management has decided to permanently dismantle these silos. In addition, the management of Trans-Oil is committed to a full and transparent cooperation with any institutions of Republic of Moldova government to ensure that no such concern remains at any of these facilities and the potential for any such incident is eliminated.

Trans-Oil and its management always support a constructive dialogue and partnership between the public and private sectors of the Republic of Moldova in order to realize a rapid progress in the industrialization of the economy of the country. We will work tirelessly to make President Maia Sandu’s declaration of 2023 as the “Year of Investments” a resounding success and especially focus on introducing new and modern technologies into the industrial sector of Moldova’s economy. We are proud to add that this subsidiary of Trans-oil is already a major contributor to the economy of the republic of Moldova. It employees 110 workers with the average salary of 17,000 Lei per month. The world-class Moldovan products produced at this facility are shipped to over 60 countries and over 500 million consumers around the world.”

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