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Breaking news29 May 2022 11:12

Igor Dodon: I ascertain a completely unprofessional and politically engaged approach of the prosecutors dealing with this file

Former President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon:

„The Anticorruption Office of the Prosecutor appealed the house arrest warrant.

In the appeal filed, the anticorruption prosecutors request the enforcement of the preventive measure, in the form of arrest for 30 days, with its execution in the Penitentiary No. 13 in Chișinău.

My defenders have appealed the application of the house arrest and all interdicts since Friday, 27 May.
Tomorrow, following the consulting of my lawyers, I shall file and make public my appeal. From that appeal, you shall see how weak and unfounded are the “reasonable doubts” of the prosecutors.
The file is politically ordered, aiming at arresting me at any cost, without any real legal basis for such an action. I bring attention to the society, including foreign partners, who for sure follow this process very closely, with concerning precedents for building the rule of law. Speaking of which, many pundits and journalists with pro-government visions talk about the exclusively political nature of the file.
I ascertain a completely unprofessional and politically engaged approach of the prosecutors dealing with this file. Furthermore, I consider that certain disciplinary decisions regarding them are yet to be taken by their own institution.
It is paramount to acknowledge that prosecutors in this group have been also responsible for other political cases, to Mr. Plahotniuc’s advantage, during the time when the Office of the Prosecutor was captured by another government regime, named the oligarchic one. We observe that the so-called “reform” of the Office of the Prosecutor was limited to replacing some political files with other political files, and a few extras with other extras. Notwithstanding, the methods used and executors have remained largely the same.
The leaking of evidence in the press during the searches that lasted about 12 hours at my home is very dangerous and alarming. I have personally seen how some of them, in front of me, took pictures of various documents, which, only a few minutes later, were published in the mass media. They ceased leaking evidence only after my lawyers objected. The lie that was later launched by the prosecutors, as if the lawyers had delivered these materials, with which the pro-government press attacked me in a manipulative way, is disturbing.
Another crucial detail on the searches. I have informed the prosecutor of the case about having plane tickets in a few days. I asked the prosecutor whether I should cancel the flight, inform the airport that I will not fly, as well as announce the people with whom I was going to have meetings planned long ago. I inform that tickets were bought on 16 May, whereas the Office of the Prosecutor announced the opening of the criminal case against me on 18 May. In this regard, ab initio there was no connection between the purchase of plane tickets and the criminal case, nor was it known that this criminal case would be opened against me. I remained perplexed to hear that the prosecutor of the case declared afterward, absolutely unscrupulously, in court and in the press, that I have bought tickets to escape. The way the prosecutors acted is vile, a lie was publicly launched in order to denigrate my image as a politician, which once again makes me not trust the correctness, independence, and professionalism of the prosecutors.
I have no doubt that the old methods of exerting pressure on my lawyers, including tracking and contacting relatives, practices intended to intimidate and remove them from my defense, shall be performed by those who are charged with the falsification of the file in which I am targeted.
I shall not be surprised if other, dirtier, and more brutal actions are to be resorted to. Some manipulative leaks are being set up in the public space as pseudo-evidence, for which entire teams are working to falsify.
Referring to the statement of President Maia Sandu on learning in the press about the arrest of a former President of the Republic of Moldova, such a statement seems absolutely inconceivable to me. In the process of carrying out searches at my residence were involved the ALFA group from the Security and Intelligence Service, which is directly subordinate to the President of the country (this group is trained to release hostages abducted by terrorists, not to break into the homes of opposition leaders).
I am well aware that the Security and Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other institutions, report daily to the first people in the state. It is a common institutional process. In this light, I cannot believe that the heads of the Security and Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Office of the Prosecutor, and the National Anticorruption Center, have not informed President Maia Sandu concerning such a special operation, during which a former President of the Republic of Moldova would be subject to searches by masked officers and would be detained.
The aforementioned action in itself is an unprecedented case in the history of the Republic of Moldova. No head of the involved institutions would risk conducting such an operation without previously informing the President of the Republic, to whom is institutionally subordinated.
Neither the Moldovan press nor even the American press in the city of Boston is faster than the Security and Intelligence Service, and dozens of advisers, who constantly inform President Maia Sandu.
I am firmly convinced that my file is under political control, even under control that perhaps is beyond the scope of the Presidency. I have reasons to believe that not only domestic policies, and anti-opposition interests are being pursued, but also certain geopolitical stakes. Time will tell.
To this extent, from what I have been observing in recent days, I ascertain that all citizens of the Republic of Moldova recognize the true face of the dictatorial, usurping, and antisocial regime established in Chișinău.
Personally, I am confident that together we will be able to withstand all the pressures and iniquities.
We shall defeat!
Moldova has future!”



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