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Important20 April 2022 16:14

Moldovan government approves Memorandum of Understanding between governments of Moldova, USA

The cabinet of ministers, at a today’s meeting, approved a memorandum of understanding between the governments of Moldova and the United States on the procurement of a property for the construction of a new headquarters of the U.S. Embassy in Moldova. To be able to be delivered with certain obligations, the ground with an area of 5.1814 hectares, placed on the Tighina Street 12, will be switched from the state’s public domain to the private one.

Also, the document approved sees that the Public Property Agency (APP), through a certified evaluator, will ensure the establishment of the ground’s value.

Afterwards, APP will create a working group due to negotiate the ground’s price with the USA. The group will be made up of representatives of the Economics Ministry, Finance Ministry, Infrastructure and Regional Development Ministry, Culture Ministry, Foreign Affairs and European Integration Ministry and Public Property Agency.

Following the negotiation with the American side of the real estate’s price, which will not be lower than the market one, the working group will approve this price by a decision.

Subsequently, the APP director general will be empowered to sign with the United States the agreement on sale-purchase of the ground with the area of 5.1814 hectares, which includes the ground’s state-owned component parts.

The memorandum of understanding is valid for a period of one year after the signing, plus an extension by eight months, if requested by the USA and provides for the cooperation with good faith between the sides, in order to achieve the goal of purchasing by the United States of the title on the ground, in accordance with Moldova’s legislation in force and the international treaties.

The works of demolition of the Republican Stadium on the Tighina Street 12 started in April 2007 and during more years, Moldova and the American side negotiated on the delivery of the concerned ground for the construction of the U.S. Embassy. Besides the building of the Embassy, they plan to arrange a park and other open spaces with public access.

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