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Important27 March 2021 13:00

Businessman: the state and the business environment must be partners in ensuring an adequate standard of living in Moldova

It is well known that – the freer the business, the more it develops, creating new jobs, paying more taxes to the state budget and increasing the country’s ability to solve social problems at a high level. The statement was made by the businessman Igor Roșca, director of the “Rogob” company – TRIBUNA informs.

According to him, the example of truly developed countries is very appropriate to be invoked in this case. In these countries, the state creates the rules of the game, giving economic agents the opportunity to develop in a predictable environment, ensuring the stability necessary for business prosperity, a friendly legal framework and adequate protection of investments made. That is why the respective states are developed, because the basis of this development is ensured by the crescendo evolution of the business.

“It is a reality that all of us who live and work in the Republic of Moldova must be aware of. I have said it on other occasions – the state and the business world must be partners in ensuring an adequate standard of living in Moldova. We must all understand that we are on the same side of the barricades and that we have the same aims. Until we become aware of these simple things, neither the business environment nor the state will know a normal development “, Roșca declared, in an interview.

At the same time, the businessman said that he never hid that the basic principle that underlies all his activities is fairness.

“I am trying to be as fair as possible in relation to the skillful structures of the state, with which we have tangents by virtue of our activities, and with our business partners, and with the collective. When you are right in everything you do, success comes immediately “, Roșca underlined.

Cristina Gurez
Emandei Nina – trainee translator

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