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Breaking news20 October 2019 12:40

Alexandru Fetescu: I voted for a Chisinau in which we would want to live

The candidate of the Liberal Democratic Party, Alexandru Fetescu, has stated that he voted, together with his family, for a Chisinau in which we would want to live. “We vote in these elections for a country in which we would want to live,” the electoral contender told IPN.

Alexandru Fetescu mentioned that in this campaign he received a lot of messages of support from citizens from abroad. And in this way he is even more motivated to take steps to bring people home, because they are the main resource that the country has.

“My family voted for a city where people would want to live and not leave,” said the candidate.

For general mayor of Chisinau municipality, 18 candidates are competing. As general mayor of Chisinau municipality shall be elected the candidate who has accumulated 50% + one vote. If none of the candidates manages to cross this threshold, the second round of elections is organized with the first two candidates, where the winner is the one who has accumulated the greatest number of votes.


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