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Breaking news29 July 2019 15:15

Ceremony dedicated to 25th anniversary of Fundamental Law's adoption held in Moldovan capital

A ceremony dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Republic of Moldova’s Constitution was held at the Palace of the Republic today.   

Attending the event were President Igor Dodon, Parliament Speaker Zinaida Grecianii, Prime Minister Maia Sandu, the former presidents of Moldova, Mircea Snegur, Petru Lucinschi and Vladimir Voronin, representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited in Chisinau, MPs from the first and current parliaments, Constitutional Court judges and government officials.

The ceremony started with the honouring of the state flag and the singing of the national anthem of Moldova.

Head of state Igor Dodon showed confident that the problems faced by Moldova at present can be solved, if the principles and provisions of the Constitution are at the head and the letter and spirit of the Supreme Law are strictly observed by everybody, especially by the political establishment. “I think that the failure of most goals set since the proclamation of the country’s independence is triggered by the deep division of the society. And here, the biggest blame lies with the political establishment, parties and politicians. The society has the right, and it already does not, to ask the government and other power branches for concrete actions and projects which would improve the people’s living standards,” Igor Dodon said.

Parliament Speaker Zinaida Grecianii said that “our force resides in the fact of our unity and the unity is laid down and guaranteed in the text of the Republic of Moldova’s Constitution.” The speaker showed firmly confident that a Constitutional Court would be created in the near future, which will guard the Fundamental Law and would bring again the constitutional jurisdiction to normal.

For her part, Prime Minister Maia Sandu said that the duty of everybody, of each citizen, was to defend the Constitution. “The Constitutional cannot defend itself. The Constitution does not belong to the Constitutional Court or the MPs or the judges and prosecutors, but to the people. Any provision of the Constitution, any right, any principle and institution are stipulated in the Constitution in the interest of the citizen. Also, the Constitution should be interpreted in the interest of the citizen,” Maia Sandu stressed.

The Republic of Moldova’s Constitution was adopted on 29 July 1994 and entered into force on 27 August of the same year. The Supreme Law sees that Moldova is a sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible state. Moldova’s Constitution is made up of eight titles; each title is divided into chapters and sections.


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