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Breaking news2 July 2019 09:30

President: “Stefan cel Mare is an example for us all and for me personally!”

Today is the 515th anniversary of the death of the great Moldavian ruler Stefan the Great. Stefan III ruled Moldova for 47 years. Throughout this period, he fought for the independence of the Moldavian principality, strengthening its statehood and culture, and successfully opposed the strongest rivals – the Ottoman Empire, Poland and Hungary.

On the anniversary, the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, the chair of the parliament, Zinaida Greceanii, deputies and municipal councilors from the Party of Socialists, and representatives of civil society laid flowers at the monument to Stefan cel Mare in the center of the Moldovan capital.

“I laid flowers at the monument of Stefan the Great, who died on July 2, 1504. Two weeks after that, canonization and reckoning of the great ruler as a saint took place. Stefan the Great is an example for us all, for me personally. He did a lot for Moldova, for the statehood of our country. This year marks 660 years of Moldovan statehood, with which I want to congratulate all Moldovans,” said Igor Dodon.

During the reign of Stefan the Great, Moldova achieved an unprecedented success in its development. It began to be a player at the international arena. The great ruler proved himself an excellent diplomat, defending the interests of his country.

Stefan the Great died on July 2, 1504 and was buried in the Putna Monastery.



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