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Breaking news26 June 2019 12:05

Supreme Security Council convenes a meeting

The Supreme Security Council convened a meeting. The sides discussed the electricity supply of Moldova, the annihilation of smuggling schemes with anabolics and cigarettes, as well as the privatization of some plots in Chisinau, Igor Dodon said in a briefing after the Council meeting.

“As for the supply with electricity  of consumers in Moldova, we discussed three elements: the Union Fenosa assets transaction to a new owner; examining electricity supply contracts outside the country, including in Transnistria; setting tariffs for electricity and gas”, said the president.

He said that the subject of smuggling schemes was also discussed at the hearing.

“All smuggling schemes will be destroyed. They will not be taken over by anyone. All the money must come to the budget. If we see that someone is dealing with these things then we will punish them”, said Igor Dodon .

Among the topics discussed was the one related to the construction of Chisinau Arena. CSS members requested information about its illegality.

Also, they discussed the program of regaining citizenship by investments, the privatization of some plots in Chisinau and the activity of the monopolistic enterprises.



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