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Breaking news2 April 2019 10:30

The Bloc NOW: We regret that the press is more interested than other deputies who were invited to discuss the perspectives

As they have announced, the deputies of the political bloc “NOW Platform DA and PAS” came to the Parliament today to initiate talks on the anti-oligarchic law package.

As TRIBUNA informs, all deputies from the Political Bloc NOW, as well as some representatives of the Șor Party, came to the discussion.

The co-president of the Bloc ACUM, Andrei Năstase, said he regrets that the press is more interested in the further development of the politics of Moldova than other deputies who were invited to discuss the perspectives, but first of all the package anti-oligarchic.

“It is 10 o’clock, we find that other deputies than those from the Bloc NOW did not come to these discussions. What are the considerations, we already have to wait to know them? We hope that the decision of the deputies, who publicly declared themselves politically uncontrolled, has absolutely nothing with the yesterday exit of those who have usurped the Moldovan state, “Năstase said.

The Co-President of the Bloc NOW, Maia Sandu mentioned that she regrets that, other than the deputies elected on the lists of the Bloc NOW, there were no other deputies coming to discuss here in a transparent manner. “Let’s discuss the ways in which our state can be liberated from the captivity of an oligarchic group. We are absolutely convinced that the majority of Moldovan citizens went to vote with the thought and desire to release the state from captivity so that the state would serve all citizens of the Republic of Moldova  – as is stipulated in the Constitution, not a restricted group. We are still open to discuss the draft laws that we have proposed, “Sandu said.

When the deputies from the Șor Party entered, those in the Bloc NOW left the hall.

Andriana Cheptine

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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