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Breaking news1 April 2019 13:20

The Bloc NOW announced its position on tomorrow's consultations initiated by the President Dodon. See what decided Năstase and Sandu!

The Bloc NOW invites the deputies to transparent discussions on 2 April 2019, 10:00 pm., off. 114 of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. This was announced today at a press conference by Andrei Năstase and Maia Sandu.

As TRIBUNA informs, the co-president of the Bloc NOW, Andrei Năstase, read a statement.

“The Bloc NOW notes with regret that the process of setting up of working bodies of the Parliament is artificially delayed and therefore the discussion and adoption of the anti-oligarch law package, which they have registered at the Secretariat of Parliament, is blocked. The deliberate announcement by the President of the parliamentary sitting of a pause for an indefinite period, followed by the initiation by Igor Dodon of the “tripartite” meeting announced for 2 April, creates uncertainties and leaves room for interpretations. This is taking place against the backdrop of the worsening of the social and economic situation in the country and the imminent increase in energy and gas tariffs, a phenomenon that will inevitably trigger the upsurge in the chain of products and services. At the same time, the lack of foreign financing of the Republic of Moldova in advantageous conditions (grants and preferential credits) generates the indebtedness of the state from local banks at much higher interest rates, which places a clock bomb at the base of the economy. The Bloc NOW will not participate in any “consultations” with the current leadership of the PDM. “

At the same time, the Bloc NOW reiterates that removing the oligarchy of the state institutions is the primordial condition for the restoration of its functionality and the return of trust of the citizens in the Republic of Moldova.

“In this respect, discussing and adopting as a matter of urgency the package of anti-oligarchic legislative initiatives are priorities for the current Legislative. The Bloc NOW insists on constructive discussions to improve, adopt and implement the anti-oligarchic package. In this context, we invite the Members, who are not controlled by the oligarchic regime, to open discussions on 2 April 2019 at 10.00 am. off. 114, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova”.

It is worth mentioning that co-president of the Bloc NOW, Maia Sandu, said that this statement meant that they would not present themselves at the consultations scheduled for tomorrow, organized by the President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon.

Andriana Cheptine

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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