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Breaking news20 March 2019 14:00

Newly elected parliament meeting to be held tomorrow

The parliament of the Xth legislature will convene in a meeting on 21 March at 13:00. President Igor Dodon made the statement after signing the decree on convening the parliament.

The president said he will deliver a speech to the newly elected MPs.

According to the press service of the parliament, the meeting will be chaired by the oldest Socialist MP Eduard Smirnov, who will be 80 years this year.

At the first meeting, the President of the Constitutional Court is to present a report on the results of Parliament’s election and validation of the mandates of elected MPs.

Parliament is considered legally set up since constitutive meeting.

After the legal establishment of parliament, parliament speaker, deputy-heads shall be elected, and parliament standing bureau shall be formed. Within 10 days of the first meeting, the parliamentary factions will be formed, operating under their own regulations.



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