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Important12 March 2019 06:30

OPINION: The pro-Moldova doctrine does not refer to geopolitics in any way

I notice that the doctrine of pro-Moldova does not refer to geopolitics, it is more about the development of this territory. About this, journalist Victor Nichitus writes in a post on his blog.

According to him, „the money that Moldovans earn in the Russian Federation, Israel or the European Union must have the possibility to be invested more easily in the localities of the Republic of Moldova”. „In the houses, cars and small businesses of the inhabitants between the Prut and Dniester rivers: Moldovans / Romanians, Ukrainians, Russians or Bulgarians. Each of them should identify themselves as Moldovans”, he writes.

Victor Nichituş argues that “the development strategy of the Moldovan state is seen by some Romanian political commentators as one that would resist the unionist ideas.” “Perhaps when they allowed themselves to talk about patriotism, Moldovan officials violated a red line, the one saying that the Moldovan patriotism should not exist because already exists the Romanian patriotism”, he notes.

„But Moldova is not Romania. To be direct, the unionist political parties should have passed the electoral threshold. It should have been that unionism was not just a political stream but a true experience. This has not happened – perhaps this is the reason for the emergence and existence of Moldovan patriotism. Pro-Moldova does not mean the failure of Romanian patriotism in Bessarabia, it is only the awareness that the territory between the Prut and the Dniester must be administered correctly and according to European standards”, the journalist adds.

Cristina Pendea

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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