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Important12 March 2019 06:00

What could still happen in the politics of the Republic of Moldova?

In a political analysis, www.coment.md refers to what could still happen in the politics of the Republic of Moldova.

„If the idea with the negotiations between PSRM and ACUM does not take place, the most likely scenario is that PDM will try to achieve the creation of a broad coalition with PSRM on the pro-Moldova platform. If this scenario fails, the PDM will try to create a 2016 style government, attracting those in the Șor Party faction, independent deputies, and trying to “break” some deputies from other factions, and the reason will be that the country needs stability and otherwise it cannot be ensured after the refusal of the bloc NOW and the PSRM to participate in the post-electoral negotiations”, the source notes.

„If this scenario fails, it will most probably go on the variant of a minority government after the example of 2015. And if we admit that the scenario will fail, it will create a situation in which the President Igor Dodon will propose his own candidate for the post of Prime Minister. It could be accepted in the extreme by Parliament from the instinct of political self-preservation, and in this case, we could have a government without political cover in Parliament. But if the candidate of the President does not pass, there will be early parliamentary elections”.

Cristina Pendea

Translator: Mihaela Grosu


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