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Breaking news28 September 2018 10:15

Joint Control Commission approved rotation of Ukrainian military observer group

The Joint Control Commission (JCC) approved at the yesterday’s meeting in Bender the appointment of 10 military observers, nominated by Ukraine, a country which is mediator in negotiations on the Transnistrian settlement, the Bureau for Reintegration has reported.

The group of newly appointed military observers will operate in the Security Zone under the leadership of Colonel Yevgeny Shapovalov.  Their functions are set out in the agreements of 21 July 1992 (Moscow) and 30 March 1998 (Odessa), other documents approved by the Joint Control Commission. Together with military observers appointed by the Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation and Tiraspol, they will be responsible for monitoring the situation in the Security Zone, documenting and assessing possible violations of Security Zone regime.

The military observers replace another 10 Ukrainian soldiers, whose mission to peacekeeping forces in the Transnistrian region has ended. On this occasion, the commission expressed gratitude for the professionalism shown to Colonel Nicolai Zinoviev, former head of the Ukrainian military observers.

Another topic of discussion was initiated by the leader of the Transnistrian delegation, Oleg Beleakov. He informed the commission about demonstrations occasioned by the 610th anniversary of the foundation of Bender and local government intention to install a floating bridge on the Dniester river and organize fireworks with the support of the military deployed in Parcani village.

The Moldovan delegation showed concern over the actions of Tiraspol, tacitly supported by the Russian Federation. The Moldovan delegation is not against the social and cultural activities organized for the population of the locality, and said that the participation of the military structures in any demonstration in Bender, declared as district with increased security regime, is inadmissible.

The next JCC meeting will be held on 4 October 2018.



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