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Breaking news7 June 2018 12:02

Lib-Dems suggest holding second vote in single-member constituencies

The Liberal-Democratic MPs registered in Parliament a bill to modify the mixed electoral system by introducing the second round of voting in single-member constituencies. According to the head of the Liberal-Democratic parliamentary group Tudor Deliu, the holding of elections in one round will violate the principle of representativeness in Parliament, IPN reports.

“In the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, we will have MPs elected by 2,000-3,000 and 5,000 votes, which is absolutely inadmissible. As a result of the amendments made to the Election Code, the authorities seriously violated a constitutional provision, namely the right to run for a public post and to be chosen as the citizen of the Republic of Moldova with the right to vote cannot run independently in the parliamentary elections in the national constituency. This will be possible only in a single-member constituency,” the Lib-Dem stated for the press.

According to the MP, it’s true that there is no precedent when an independent candidate entered the legislature, but this does not mean that a citizen can be banned from running at national level.

“We will insist that this bill should be debated in the parliamentary commissions and discussed in the plenary sitting of Parliament or we will have a large number of MPs who will not represent the citizens’ vote. The mayoral runoffs in Chisinau also showed this,” stated Tudor Deliu.

He added that this is a recommendation of the Venice Commission, but the authors of the law to introduce the mixed-member electoral system ignored it. To correct this mistake, the Lib-Dems put forward such an initiative.



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