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Breaking news5 March 2018 12:10

PPPDA makes public its candidate for Chisinau mayoralty

The leader of the Political Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” (PPPDA) Andrei Nastase is the party’s candidate who will run in the new local mayoral elections in Chisinau municipality. The decision was taken in the meeting of the party’s National Political Council that was held on March 4, but the name of the candidate was made public in a news conference on March 5, IPN reports.

In a statement made public by the party’s deputy head Inga Grigoriu, the PPPDA says the party has a solid team of professionals and experts in fields that are vital for the management of the city and an extensive program for modernizing the municipality. Inga Grigoriu said Andrei Nastase will bring about the fundamental changes needed by the city. The elections in Chisinau are not only a struggle for ensuring high-quality administration in the municipality, but are also the start of a major change all over the country.

“In the spirit of this decision, we reiterate the invitation to our partners and colleagues from the Party “Action and Solidarity” to support the PPPDA’s candidate for mayoralty in Chisinau. We also address this invitation to all the anti-oligarchic and pro-European civil and political forces that really want the current regime to be changed,” said the party’s deputy head.

In his speech, the candidate for mayoralty Andrei Nastase thanked for the trust put in him, noting that he aims to lay the foundations of a society based on common sense, confidence and meritocracy. He said that if he wins the elections, he will take measures to bring things in Chisinau to normality and will start from elementary things. The chaos and corruption are the most serious problems faced in the municipality of Chisinau.

The National Political Council of the PPPDA warned that if the Plahotniuc-Dodon regime tries to obstruct the early mayoral elections in Chisinau and Balti municipalities, the party reserves the right to stage large-scale protests.

Andrei Nastase is the first candidate for the post of mayor general of Chisinau municipality announced by a political organization. New mayoral elections are to be held in the municipality after suspended mayor Dorin Chirtoaca tendered his resignation on February 16. This said that he is ready to run in the elections again. Acting mayor Silvia Radu stated earlier that it is premature to say if she will run or not.



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