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Breaking news31 July 2019 12:50

New Moldovan acting general prosecutor introduced to staff

Dumitru Robu is the new acting General Prosecutor (PG) of Moldova. The decree regarding its appointment has been signed by President, Igor Dodon, on Wednesday, 31 July. Afterwards, the new PG has been introduced to the staff of General Prosecutor’s Office.

The candidacy of Dumitru Robu for position of PG was designated by the Parliament by a decision approved at the hearing, on Tuesday, 30 July. It has been positively endorsed by the Superior Council of Prosecutors (CSP), which is holding a meeting today.

At the presentation of the new acting PG, Igor Dodon has said that the expectations of society and leadership of Moldova towards it are very high. “The new acting PG is a man of the system, he is experienced, having a difficult task. We consider him professional and integral. The society expects concrete and resolute actions. In perspective future we shall make a decision regarding some reforms in prosecution field. You will not receive directions from me, you should not expect any indications. There are laws, there is the Constitution, which you must follow. The politicians come and go, but you as specialists must remain,” said Igor Dodon.

The new acting PG, Dumitru Robu, has said he is aware that the expectations of society are high and that he will make efforts to regain and increase of trust of citizens in institution of the prosecutor’s office.

The position of PG remained vacant on 11 July 2019, after Eduard Harunjen resigned. So far, the acting PG has been provided by deputy PG, Igor Popa.

Dumitru Robu will ensure the acting position of PG until it is organised the contest of selecting a new PG.

Recently, the Parliament has made changes to the law of the Prosecutor’s Office, according to which the acting PG is appointed by the President, at the proposal of CSP. The meeting of last week of CSP, at which a candidate for this position was to be submitted, failed due to lack of quorum. Under these terms, the law provides that acting PG is appointed by the decree of President, at proposal of Parliament, with opinion of CSP.


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