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Breaking news1 July 2019 11:15

Moldovan interior minister demands that Prosecutor General's Office investigates actions of more judges, prosecutors

Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister Andrei Nastase has demanded that the Prosecutor General’s Office (PG) initiates legal steps as regards the laundering of billions of dollars and high-level corruption, in the case of some judges and prosecutors involved in illegal activities.    

In his petition to PG, the interior minister demands investigating the actions of more judges, among which the ones of the head of the Court of Chisinau’s Botanica district, as well as the work of the deputy chief prosecutor of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, who would have known the illegal decisions issued by the judges and would not have taken the steps needed.

“Adriana Betisor, who knew about the existence of judge’s orders issued by the judges Radu Turcanu, Luiza Gafton, Viorica Mihaila, Vitalie Zaporojan, Igor Manascurta, issued within the offences of money laundering through the judicial and banking systems of Moldova, did not open criminal files and did not prosecute these magistrates for the issuance of the aforementioned judicial acts, but on the contrary,” reads the petition by Nastase.

More investigations on money laundering, with the involvement of judges and prosecutors, have been earlier published in media.



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