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Breaking news18 March 2019 12:00

Andrei Năstase returned from Romania: We can have the country where we want to live in, we should decide together what we want

At the invitation of the President of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, President of the Dignity and Truth Platform, Andrei Năstase, co-chair of the bloc NOW PLATFORMA DA and PAS, attended the Summit of regional and local leaders of the European Popular Party held in Bucharest.

As TRIBUNA informs, according to a press release, this very important event for the future configuration of the European Parliament that will be decided following the European elections on 26 May, was attended by President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, the candidate of EPP for the European Commission , Manfred Weber , General Secretary of EPP  Antonio Lopez-Isturiz , over 150 regional and local leaders in Europe and over 3000 local elected members of the Romanian National Liberal Party.

“The event was emblematic for the European political paradigm representing the referential moment that once again strengthened my conviction that ideas, values and principles are more important than group interests, personal, pointless, most often selfish, of politicians”, said Andrei Năstase, for the Romanian press.

At the same time, Andrei Năstase discussed both EPP General Secretary Antonio Lopez-Isturiz and Manfred Weber, EPP candidate for the presidency of European Commission . “The topics approached were obviously related to the concern of the bloc NOW , the immediate need to implement a set of essential social and political reforms in Chisinau and the European path of the Republic of Moldova. The EPP leaders, current and future de jure and de facto leaders of Europe, said they were aware of the whole social and political dynamics of the Republic of Moldova, they know very well how the recent parliamentary elections have taken place, and they are still monitoring the future political events. Andrei Năstase asked his interlocutors to keep Moldova and the European aspirations of the citizens of the country on the agenda of the EU institutions and was encouraged to continue with his parliamentary colleagues to fight for the liberation of the country from captivity and to build a genuine state of law, ensuring that Europe will critically assess the decisions that will be made in Chisinau and will position itself with maximum objectivity later on. The event from Bucharest has determined the way EPP leaders want to give all the citizens of the old continent the certainty that Europe is the FUTURE”.

According to Andrei Năstase, this is a guarantee that our development partners are the ones we need to be most confident about. “Equally, the National Liberal Party, the regional leaders, its successful mayors and the national leaders led by President Ludovic Orban have been and will remain our hopeful partners, along with whom we will build with confidence and determination, step by step, the real approximation file of Moldova to the European Union. All the more so as the team of candidates of PNL for the European Parliamentary elections, officially launched at this event, includes political figures who have contributed and will decisively contribute to this”, he added.

Also, President Ludovic Orban assured Andrei Năstase once again that the National Liberal Party and he personally will unconditionally support the European course of Moldova and the efforts of the DA Platform, in the bloc NOW, to implement the reforms needed to save the country and of its citizens from the captivity of the hybrid regime.

“Being a European political person means, first and foremost, to work and fight for the freedom of the citizen and the respect for his rights. It means to strive for the rule of law, the freedom of justice and of the economic space, the media, and to do everything in your power to give people justice and a better life”, said Andrei Năstase.

According to Năstase, “nothing of what has been discussed in Bucharest has ever happened in the Parliament or the Government of the Republic of Moldova, and the  decision of the bloc NOW to assume the European model of politics, the democratic and transparent model by which societies become free and prosperous, is based on the historical and sustainable results that democracy generates for all citizens who have decided to live freely in their own countries. “

“Andrei Năstase a spus că Moldova are nevoie de un orizont coerent pentru viitoarea sa evoluție politică și socială, iar acest lucru nu poate fi decât cel european”, a declarat Manfred Weber tuturor celor prezenți la Summitul de la București că Europa va fi un spațiu sigur și prosper, decizia privind viitorul său va fi una colectivă și va fi luată de fiecare cetățean, nu exclusiv de politicieni”.

Returned from Bucharest, Andrei Năstase addressed a message to the citizens of the country: “Moldova belongs to its citizens, not to one man and those in his service. We can have the country we want to live in. We only have to decide together that we really want this for Moldova and its future!”.

Andriana Cheptine

Translator : Mihaela Grosu


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