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Important19 February 2019 06:00

Ian lisnevschi: Political consulting is a science of the possibility that proves that nothing is impossible

Interview with Ian Lisnevschi, Director of “Intellect Group” – Political Almanah 2018

How has the market of political consultancy services evolved in 2018?

The internal political consultancy market has gone through a very interesting period, rich in events but also heavy, and is still going on. As a result, we can talk about a positive evolution. We have to explain a difficult phenomenon – internal and external political actors, more often resort to consulting and political analysis services of Moldovan companies.

One important thing is that on the domestic market  are companies that provide open, official and responsible political consulting services, taking care of the improvement of the services provided.

It’s simple, but it has a major impact on the quality of consulting services, which, compared to previous years, is growing.

At the moment, the Moldovan politics is not so good in terms of quality, we hope that the field of political consultancy will impose its qualitative development.

What new elements in the behaviour of political actors did you notice in 2018?

If we exclude the fact that some politicians continue to repeat the same mistakes because they do not want to recognize them, we can talk about the appearance of politicians who rely on information and analysis and want to learn new things.

You have to learn the rules of the game and then play better than everyone else. When you have a true informational base, you know and respect the rules, planning through analyzes, you can talk about fair political competition, development, transparency, democracy and success.

Those who addressed to your company, what kind of services did they focus on?

The services offered to our customers by Intellect Group company can be divided into three categories.

The first category includes services such as: information gathering, electoral analysis on uninominal constituency, trainings and seminars.

At the first stage, the most popular services are: informing the political actors about the electoral system, the risks and benefits of this system that can be used, the course development.

The second category includes services such as: detecting target voters, sociological research, focus group interviews, psychological profiling, and image adaptation according to target voters.

This is the level of Moldovan politicians who understand that in order to win, it is necessary to know what is the electorate that you want.

The last category of services provided by the company “Intellect Group” includes: campaign strategy, electoral calendar, staff training, legal advice, namely registration procedure for candidates, media plan, standardization and reduction of costs regarding the implementation of the campaign.

70% of the company’s customers have called for a package that includes services from all three categories.

Which political and image consulting services do you think are lacking in the RM and should be “imported”?

Political technologies evolve, suffer “mutations”, adapt to each campaign, every politician, every time. The political environment in Moldova is favorable for new technologies, for “revolutions” in the field of political science. In Moldova there is no experience of using and correctly applying these services. Politicians do not know to take full advantage of services of the specialists. There are political actors who are wrong believing they know everything and have the power to do anything. But in politics it is not enough to know the rules to guide you, but also to know how to apply them for benefits.

To what extent do you think that the political consulting companies in the Republic of Moldova manage to deal with the demands of the political clients?

The political consultancy market is risky and specific, requires determination, trust, courage, professionalism, objectivity and a little madness. That is why there are few companies in the Republic of Moldova dealing with political consultancy and this explains that their agenda is loaded to the maximum and for a long time.

Each campaign, project, research presents a rich experience that the company adapts and evolves, which in the future can deal with demands not only from internal and external policy customers.

The year 2019 will be marked by electoral events – we will have at least three types of elections. In  what measure is your company prepared to meet any requests from the political environment?

The political year of the political consultancy company begins much earlier than the calendar year. At present, for the year 2019, we are already finalizing the first stage of the projects, researches and strategies for three electoral campaigns in Moldova and two campaigns abroad. We just follow the process, analyze and correct the strategy. It also inspires confidence that the most difficult (pre-electoral) stage has already been carried out by,, Intellect Group ”company- 2 campaigns, 5 parties (2 parliamentary, 3 extra-parliamentary), 38 candidates in the uninominal constituencies.The political consulting is a science of the possibility that proves that nothing is impossible.

Generally, how do you think will be the  political year 2019?

Our assumptions (from the previous Political Almanac) have been confirmed, that not all political parties will resist an intense political rhythm, and the political temperature will be balanced.

Three electoral ballots, a new election system for parliamentary elections, political surprises, and their effects will be an enormous experience for some politicians and a good lesson for others.

The political year 2019 will be the most interesting and important for the Republic of Moldova. The events that will follow soon will change the concept and the image of the politics.

What expectations do you have for 2019?

Frankly, in 2019 I wish many happy days with my family.

It is curious that often, what makes us happier is closer to us. And what really matters is happiness, the health of loved ones and the fact that we can be close to them. So I want more happy moments with my family.

If we refer to politics, there are no expectations – there is computation, analysis and strategy.

Political Almanac 2018

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu

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