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Breaking news31 January 2019 06:50

Dodon and Putin at the first meeting in 2019. See the agreements they reached!

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, agreed with Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, that starting with yesterday, all Moldovan goods could be exported to the Russian Federation market through the territory of Ukraine.

As TRIBUNA informs, in a post on a social networking site, Igor Dodon wrote that cancelling the customs duties on Moldovan goods with Russia will allow theincrease in turnover between our countries.

“During today’s meeting with the President of the Russian Federation, we exchanged views on Moldovan-Russian cooperation in the commercial, economic and humanitarian field. Taking a balance sheet of the two years of collaboration at the level of presidents of states, we mentioned that at present, all the premises are created so that Moldovan-Russian cooperation relations can be brought to a new qualitative level this year. I informed the President of Russia about the actions taken for the amnesty of Moldovan citizens according to articles 26 and 27 of the Russian migration law. Already thousands of citizens of Moldova – benefited from this decision of the Russian Federation’s competence structures. In particular, I thanked Vladimir Putin for the technical assistance given in the form of special transport “KAMAZ”, which will arrive in Moldova in the coming days. We reiterated the desire to make mutual efforts to achieve the ambitious Trade, Economic and Investment Development Program, which was adopted at the Moldovan-Russian economic forum in September 2018, “Dodon said. According to the head of the state, regarding the humanitarian collaboration, they discussed several actions that will be organized on the territory of Moldova and Russia in 2019, declared the Year of Moldova in Russia.

In detail, we discussed the situation in Transnistria. We have reconfirmed our firm position that the final settlement of the Transnistrian conflict can be achieved in the conditions of maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova within its internationally recognized borders. I mentioned that the non-participation of the President in the electoral race in Moldova is motivated by the desire to maintain the functioning of the state institutions in the country during and after the elections, as well as to support the electoral contestants in order for the parliamentary elections to be organized correctly and democratically. I specified that I addressed the most important international organizations, including the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the CIS, asking to increase the number of their observers, which will contribute to holding free and fair parliamentary elections in Moldova in line with international standards. I expressed the confidence that after the elections, will be formed a Government, which will have among its main tasks the restoration of relations with the Russian Federation in the midst of mutually beneficial cooperation and strategic partnership, “he added.

Igor Dodon also said they had an exchange of views on a broad spectrum of international relations, including the situation in Southeast Europe.

I mentioned that the best perspective for Moldova is to promote a balanced foreign policy. We have agreed to continue the cooperation within the CIS and UEEA. In international cooperation, we discussed several actions that would contribute to the realization of the idea of the “Great Package” in relation to Moldova. Finally, I thanked the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian people for the support they gave to the Republic of Moldova and to the Moldovan people, “Dodon concluded.

Andriana Cheptine

Trainee translator: Mihaela Grosu


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