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Important23 November 2018 15:00

Moldovans who live abroad are urged to confirm their presence at parliamentary elections from 2019

The Moldovans who are established abroad are urged to confirm if they participate at the parliamentary elections on February 24 2019. This decision have been taken by the authorities after at the past elections, the Diaspopra representatives were unpleased that they didn’t have enouth voting ballots.

“We need to know how many participants at the elections we will have. Thus, we will decide how many ballots do we need”, said Alian Russu, CEC President.

The previous registration started on May 31. 3.200 persons have already confirmed their participation at the elections.

“At the presidential elections from 2016, over 67 thousand citizens voted in the first round and only 138 in the second one”, said Alina Russu.

The Moldovans who live abroad are urged to make a request on the web sites of the Embassies or to register on alegator.md.

People can get registered until January 9, 2019.


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