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Important15 March 2019 06:00

How a deputy sees the struggle of the bloc NOW with oligarchs in the posture of opposition

In a post on Facebook, the socialist deputy Bogdan Târdea described how he sees the struggle of the bloc NOW with oligarchs in the posture of opposition.

“The fight will be very strong . All oligarchs are already shaking in fear of the 26 deputies (now 26) in the Bloc NOW! Of course, with this number of deputies, you cannot appoint the Speaker, the Government, to pass laws, resolutions, change the function of the service woman in the Parliament, not even to remove the General Prosecutor or the head of  CNA! However, the block NOW has a lot of “strong fighting” variants with oligarchs: 1. Oligarchs will steal cruelly, NOW will criticize vehemently; 2. Oligarchs will promote privatizations, NOW will come out with harsh statements! 3. Businesses and schools will close, NOW will protest hard; 4. All regime critics will be thrown into prisons, NOW will come out live on Facebook; 5. Prices will rise, wages and pensions will be reduced, NOW will compassionate the citizens and will complain bitterly. And so it will take four years of “merciless struggle” with the oligarchs. And then there will be new elections, new promises and a new mandate …”, he writes.

Cristina Pendea

Translator: Mihaela Grosu

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