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News3 May 2019 11:52

Ilan SHOR has put into operation another rebuilt courtyard in Orhei

The inauguration event was attended by the deputy Ilan Shor, the initiator of dozens of infrastructure projects in Orhei, who was welcomed with ovations and hugs by the inhabitants of Orhei.

” I want you to know that all we do is for your comfort. We do everything from heart because we love you. Today we have inaugurated another renovated courtyard. Last year, I promised that the “Operation Courtyard” program will be launched in all the courtyards of the city. We have to work, put effort and only in this way, together, we can reconstruct and renovate our beloved country. While some are only concerned with politics, we will build and give people a better life”, declared the deputy Ilan Shor.

At the inauguration of the newly modernized courtyard, the interim mayor of Orhei, Diana Memet and the Administrator of Municipal Enterprise Housing Services, Valeriu Oprea, have cut the ribbon, meaning the opening. They stated that all the modernization works of the Orhei courtyards are carried out by the specialized municipal services. This allows local authorities to spend less, and with the money saved to carry out even more development projects for Orhei.

”In each courtyard we come with an individual approach, depending on the specificity of each court. Here we changed the asphalt layer, a mini park was landscaped and it became a new recreational area for the local inhabitants. Playgrounds are also available. And the green area is renewed, changed, beautified”, mentioned Diana Memet, the interim Mayor of Orhei.

” We have all witnessed the opening of the court that is already being assaulted by the children. We also have other projects that we will achieve this year, at the initiative of Ilan Shor. And we will continue to make the town of Orhei the most beautiful city in the country. The works are done with the own resources of Orhei City Hall, which allows us to carry out a lot of projects”, stated Valeriu Oprea, the Administrator of Municipal Enterprise Housing Services.

The residents of 31 August Street are very happy.

„Never was so beautiful as it is now. They have changed everything. God sent him from above,”, said a child.

The courtyard from 31 August Street has a length of 300 meters and a surface area of 765 square meters.

The workers placed 300 meters of curbs on both sides of the road and laid 90 tons of asphalt with a thickness of 5 cm. They landscaped a playground for children and carpet beaters. Also, about 16 m3 of concrete was used.

We remind that the “Operation Courtyard” project was launched in spring last year by Orhei City Hall, at the initiative of Mayor Ilan Shor, aiming to modernize the infrastructure and the spaces around the resident houses in the city. Within the project, the yards are fully renovated and equipped with parking spaces, laundry facilities, playgrounds and sport grounds for children, as well as green areas.

Up to now, over 40 courtyards of multi-storey blocks have been modernized in Orhei, out of 60 planned.



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