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Breaking news21 February 2019 12:45

The PSRM urged the CEC to ban taking pictures of voting ballots marked  “voted”

The representative of the party of socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) in the Central Election Commission (CEC) Maxim Lebedinsky urged the CEC to warn the officials of the polling stations about the ban on photographing ballots after the application of the “voted” press, the TRIBUNA reports.

Maxim Lebedinsky during the press conference noted that there is information that some members of the electoral bureaus tell citizens that on election day they are allowed to photograph the ballot after the vote.

“We emphasize that it is prohibited, and people can be brought to administrative responsibility for it. There is information that it promotes bribery of voters. This is a crime and is punished in accordance with the law. We urge citizens not to be manipulated. Such cases will be documented, and we will appeal to the police and the Prosecutor’s office to bring the perpetrators to justice,” said Maxim Lebedinsky.

He also drew attention to the situation with the polling stations on the Left Bank of the Dniester, which were moved to other settlements.

“We appealed the decision of the CEC on the transfer of these sites. The case is under consideration in the Supreme court,” he said.

Christina  Parfeni 

Trainee -translator: Iulia Alexandriuc


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