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Important21 February 2019 06:30

The first thing that will take one of the independent candidates, becoming a member of Parliament

Roman Palanchika, an independent candidate in the single-member constituency No. 51 (the USA and Canada), said that he would do the first thing by becoming a member of Parliament.

According to the portal TRIBUNA, live in one of the social networks Roman Palanchika said: “ The first action as a Deputy, will be a requirement to conduct a fair and impartial investigation of the theft of a billion.”

“The relevant authorities of The USA could help us with this. As a dual-citizenship holder, I will assist in the investigation of the theft of a billion US institutions. I don’t need a PR firm to appeal or to request a meeting of officials from the United States. Also, it is not difficult for me to personally contact the Ministry of the economy of Canada to find out why two polling stations were not opened in Montreal and Toronto. I need your vote so I can formalize my appeal. The American people want and can help us in this direction, but there is no political will in Chisinau. The US does not want to cooperate with people involved in the theft of a billion, even indirectly. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered all the information from investigative journalism, as well as from the Kroll report, to start this investigation here in the US. I want you to understand that the stolen billion is not somewhere in the bags, these funds are in Bank accounts, they can be found, and the money can be returned. I do not promise that someone will go to jail, but we should know these people,” – said Palanchika.

Andriana Cheptine 

Trainee-translator: Iulia Alexandriuc

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