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Breaking news21 February 2019 10:55

The ACUM bloc has decided with whom it will not join coalitions in Parliament. The candidates have signed a commitment to this!

The candidates from the ACUM electoral bloc signed a commitment to the citizens today, in case they will join the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, the TRIBUNA reports.

The candidates undertake not to join the future Parliament in a coalition with the Democratic party of Moldova, the Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova, the political party “Shor”, “Our Party” and other anti-European and oligarchic parties.

Also, they noted that in case of violation of this obligation, candidates undertake to lay down their Deputy mandates.

The candidate of the bloc ACUM and the leader of the PDS Maia Sandu said the importance of this election. “Every 4 years we vote for people who make important decisions on our behalf in the Parliament. The political class has deeply disappointed us. We can stop them on one condition-to unite and liberate the country. Victory will be ours!”, said Sandu.

The candidate of the bloc and the leader of the CPNP Andrei Nastase also appealed to the voters. “Today’s Moldova is in captivity. We free her. We will punish all the bandits. We will ensure the safety and security of our families. I urge all to go out EN masse to vote, to vote for our unit and we will do all of this,” said Nastase.

Mihaela Conovali 

Trainee-translator: Iulia Alexandriuc


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