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Breaking news15 November 2018 14:10

Moldovan parliament adopts new version of Civil Code

The parliament today adopted a new version of the Civil Code in the final reading. The document was passed with the votes of 56 MPs and will enter into force on 1 March 2019.     

The new regulations see that the national legal infrastructure will be modernized according to the European and international requirements.

The amendments establish the Book 4 –Succession, which will comprise provisions of dividing the succession into legal and testamentary one. Also, the competence in terms of succession, the legal status of the heir, the custody of the charts of heir, etc. will be regulated.

The new version of the Civil Code will also include norms on consumer’s protection. Another novelty represents detailed norms about the status and legal regime of administrators. Thus, more obligations have been completed and amended, including those from the contract on investments in constructions.

According to the authors, a working group was set up for the elaboration of the new draft on modernization of the Civil Code, which carried out its work during about four years at more than 70 meetings.



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