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Breaking news7 September 2018 09:02

Candu requested Parliamentary hearings in case of expulsion of 7 foreign citizens from Moldova

Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu has called for parliamentary hearings in the case of the expulsion of 7 foreign citizens from our country.

Andrian Candu stressed the importance of parliamentary control in this case from the point of view of respecting human rights, national and international norms.

He urged the Commission’s management of national security, defense and public order, led by Eugen Carpov and the subcommittee on parliamentary control of the Information and Security Service to hold hearings with the SIS leadership.

Also, the President of Parliament called for an analysis of the materials and information on the expulsion of Turkish citizens and the announcement of the results of the hearings to ensure public control of this subject.

According to SIS information, seven foreign citizens suspected of ties with an Islamist group were declared undesirable by competent authorities and expelled from the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Also according to the Information and Security Service, thorough assessments were made beforehand and the decisions taken were intended to ensure national security.



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